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Ku Klux Klan historic perspective

The Ku Klux Klan has been in existence since 1866, in one form or another. Founded by veterans of the Confederate Army in the city of Pulaski, Tennessee, on May 6th of that year as a fraternal and social organization. The great Confederate cavalry officer, General Nathan Bedford Forrest, was the first Grand Wizard, or national leader, in 1867. Some claim he founded the Klan but this not true, the founders were: Captain John B. Kennedy, Frank O. McCord, Calvin E. Jones, John C. Lester, Richard E. Reed and Major James R. Crow.

Shortly after the Klan was founded, radical forces in the United States Congress began passing legislation that stripped all civil rights from the Whites living in the former Confederacy. This tyranny took the voting rights, property rights and the right to possess weapons away from the veterans of the Confederate Army and their families. At this time, the Klan grew by leaps and bounds across the south, becoming a protective order that defended dispossessed Whites from persecution. By 1873 , natural order had been restored to the south and the Klan, for the most part disbanded, their job completed.

The second era of the Ku Klux Klan began in Georgia on Thanksgiving night in 1915. It was resurrected by Colonel William Joseph Simmons as an anti-communist, anti-immigration, America first league. Between 1915 and 1927, the Klan grew to over eight million members, with units active from Alaska to the Panama Canal zone. Many of the high officers were doctors, judges and church leaders. In the year 1925, over 50,000 Klansmen marched on Washington in full regalia; owned and operated Lanier University in Atlanta Georgia; and had organized many public assistance programs for widows and orphans. The Great Depression of the 1930's depleted the Klan's membership to a mere 100,000 by the mid 30's and by 1944, was again disbanded due to World War II and the absence of any internal threat to the nation.

it's interesting to note, at this point, how the media and educational establishment have created a false picture of what the Klan represented. President of the United States, Warren G. Harding was a Klansman and his funeral in 1923 was conducted with full Klan honors and regalia. President Woodrow Wilson, the Commander-in-Chief of the United States during World War I wrote in his epic book, The History of the American People, of the Klan as a great and honorable society. Senator Hugo Black, later who  become a Supreme Court Justice, was known to be a Klansman; and while it isn't known if they were actually members... Henry Ford and Charles Lindberg were certainly proponents of Klan ideals. Isn't it strange today, our children's history books, as well as movies and television, only show the Klan as an anti-negro, group of Southern "thugs", when in fact, just the opposite is true.

The Klan was again reborn in the late forties and early fifties to defend the American people against the tyranny of the Federal Government and the imposition of so-called "civil rights!" laws that contradict the Constitutional provisions of freedom of association and self determination, thus creating a new body of law that gives special rights and protections to certain citizens based solely on race or sexual preference.  As you are reading this today, the same unconstitutional conditions exist in America.  We insist on equal rights for all, special privileges for none.

Businesses as well as private citizens are forced to live and conduct business with people not of their choosing. An individual has no choice as to who they may hire or sell their home to, the government dictates nearly every aspect of your private life. The "powers that be" in Washington, D.C. have forced inter-racial marriage and homo-sexuality on America under the guise of equal rights through affirmative action and quota hiring systems. "Hate Crime" laws are constantly enacted to protect "minorities"; yet, violence and criminal acts perpetrated against Whites are seldom, if ever, covered under these statutes. Unchecked immigration is not only destroying the job and wage base in our land, but dreaded diseases such as A.I.D.S. and new strains of T.B. are brought to our shores with every new load of aliens. School bussing and forced integration are destroying the quality of education in America. The grading standards are lowered to accommodate and enhance the minorities lower abilities. Billions of tax dollars are handed out through foreign aid to nations diametrically opposed to American values; all the while one in five children in America, go to bed hungry every night.

While we are accused of racial hatred and bigotry, our Nation gives billions to nations who still practice slavery, child marriage, and torture! Nations Like Israel, many of the nations of Africa, South America and Central America, up to and including the corrupt Mexican government.

That is why today the Ku Klux Klan is STILL in existence and growing everyday. Also known as the KKK we stand for America, the Christian faith and the Constitution as it was intended to be administered. We are a modern, politically active, White Rights organization dedicated to preventing the further decay of America. We are proud of our traditions and heritage, we are proud of the great accomplishments of the Klan of old, we are proud of our Race and history and we will go forth and once again add another chapter to the glory of our Order.

We must never again retire, trusting that things will be fine. We must never again rest on the laurels of today's victory, but remain forever vigilant, on guard and working for the best interests of our race, faith and homeland.

If you fear for the future of our nation, worry about the future of your children and grandchildren and long for the America that once was, why not join us in our Crusade to take back our land?

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