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For nearly 150 years there has been a Ku Klux Klan in America. It was born on the heels of desperate war in a time when most disagreements were still settled at gun point. Great and horrific battles were fought, brother against brother. Jesse James was robbing banks and trains. 1865 was a violent time and the now defeated south would feel the wrath of the industrial north in ways yet unimagined by the people of the south. Born in a desperate hour this humble fraternity, became the central driving force during Americas "Reconstruction". It was not like the reconstruction that would later take place for the German and Japanese, after World War Two. It was not like the reconstruction taking place today in Iraq and Afghanistan. Southern reconstruction was punitive. Southern whites were disenfranchised, land was taxed and confisticated under the harsh regiment of Northern oppression.
Witness the testimony of E. Benjamin Andrews who was born in Hinsdale, NH and served in the Civil War where he was wounded at Petersburg in 1864, losing an eye. He attended numerous colleges and universities after the war, earning degrees as D.D from Colby, LL.D and PhD from the University of Nebraska. He was chancellor of the University of Nebraska from 1900-1908.
The following is a portion of his assesment of "reconstruction" in the south; from the book Great Epochs in American History Vo. IX pages 65-69  Copyright 1912. This is a statement not made by any except a man who witnessed this era living in those times.

[sic.] The war left the South in indescribable desolation. Great numbers of Confederates came home to find their farms sold for unpaid taxes, perhaps mortgaged to ex-slaves. The best Southern land, after the war, was worth but a trifle of its old value. Their ruin rendered many insane; in multitudes more it broke down all energy. The braver spirits—men to whom till now all toil had been strange—set to work as clerks, depot-masters and agents of various business enterprises. High-born ladies, widowed by Northern bullets, became teachers or governesses. In the comparatively few cases where families retained their estates, their effort to keep up appearances was pathetic. One by one domestics were dismissed; dinner parties grew rare; stately coaches lost their paint and became rickety; carriage and saddle-horses were worn out at the plow and replaced by mules. At last the master learned to open his own gates, the mistress to do her own cooking.
In a majority of the Southern cities owners of real estate found it for years after hostilities closed a source of poverty instead of profit. In the heart of Charleston charred ruins of huge blocks or stately churches long lingered as reminders of the horrid past. Many mansions were vacant, vainly flaunting each its placard "for rent." Most of the smaller towns, like Beaufort, threatened permanent decay, their streets silent and empty save for negro policemen here and there in shiny blue uniforms. The cotton plantations were at first largely abandoned owing to the severe foreign competition in cotton-growing occasioned by the war. It was difficult to get help on the plantation, so immersed in politics and so lazy had the field-hands become.
Causes were at work which soon lessened Sambos respect for "Old Massa," and "Old Massa's" for Sambo. Republicans from the North flocked to the South, whom the blacks, viewing them as representing the emancipation party, naturally welcomed and followed. These "carpet baggers," as they were called, were made up, in the main, of military officers still or formerly in service, Freedmen's Bureau agents, old Union soldiers who had bought Southern farms, and people who had settled at the South for purposes of trade.
There were, no doubt, many perfectly honest carpet-baggers, and the fullest justice should be done to such. They considered themselves as true missionaries in partibus, commissioned by the great Republican party to complete the régime of righteousness which the war and the emancipation proclamation had begun. A prominent Democratic politician, describing a reconstruction governor of his State, whom he had done his best to overthrow, said: "I regard him as a thoroughly honest man and opposed to corruption and extravagance in office. I think his desire was to make a good Executive and to administer the affairs of the State in the interest of the people, but the want of sympathy between him and the white people of the State, and his failure to appreciate the relations and prejudices of the two races, made it next to impossible for him to succeed.". . .
The good carpet-baggers and the bad alike somehow exerted an influence which had the effect of morbidly inflaming the negro's sense of independence and of engaging him in politics. His former wrongs were dwelt upon and the ballot held up as a providential means of righting them. The negro was too apt a pupil, not in the higher politics of principle, but in the politics of office and "swag." In 1872 the National Colored Republican Convention adopted a resolution "earnestly praying that the colored Republicans of States where no Federal positions were given to colored men might no longer be ignored, but be stimulated by some recognition of Federal patronage." The average negro exprest his views on public affairs by the South Carolina catch: " De bottom rail am on de top, and we's gwineter keep it dar." "The reformers complain of taxes being too high," said Beverly Nash in 1874, after he had become State Senator; "I tell you that they are not high enough. I want them taxed until they put those lands back where they belong, into the hands of those who worked for them. You worked for them; you labored for them and were sold to pay for them, and you ought to have them."
The tendency of such exhortation was most vicious. In their days of serfdom the negroes' besetting sin had been thievery. Now that the opportunities for this were multiplied, the fear of punishment gone, and many a carpet-bagger at hand to encourage it, the prevalence of public and private stealing was not strange. Larceny was nearly universal, burglary painfully common. At night watch had to be kept over property with dogs and guns. It was part, or at least an effect, of the carpet-bag policy to aggravate race jealousies and sectional misunderstandings. The duello, still good form all over the South, induced disregard of law and of human life. . . .
Colored men were quite too unintelligent to make laws or even to elect those who were to do so. At one time dozens of engrossed bills were passed back and forth between the two Houses of the Alabama Legislature that errors in them might be corrected. . . .
The colored legislators of South Carolina furnished the State House with gorgeous clocks at $480 each, mirrors at $750, and chandeliers at $650. Their own apartments were a barbaric display of gewgaws, carpets and upholstery. The minority of a congressional committee recited that "these ebony statesmen" purchased a lot of imported china cuspidors at $8 apiece, while Senators and Representatives "at the glorious capital of the nation" had to be "content with a plain earthenware article of domestic manufacture." . . .
There were said to be in South Carolina alone, in November, 1874, two hundred negro trial justices who could neither read nor write, also negro school commissioners equally ignorant, receiving a thousand a year each, while negro juries, deciding delicate points of legal evidence, settled questions involving lives and property. Property, which had to bear the burden of taxation, had no voice, for the colored man had no property. Taxes were levied ruinously, and money was appropriated with a lavish hand.
That of course was then and we can see the relevance of the Klan in that hour, but what about today's Klan, is it relevant? Does it meet the needs of our people today?

All Institutions must be be relevant or they perish, no matter how successful or useful they were in the day... they must continue to meet a need or they perish. In America we have no use for ancient orders that serve no purpose, such are relegated to forgotton history quickly. This is why so many have disappeared from the landscape, yet the Ku Klux Klan has never become irrelevant, through each incarnation it has gained in stature and purpose. There is more reason for it today, than there was in 1865. The "Civil War" is over, rehashing past history is interesting but hardly relevenat to today's Ku Klux Klan. Some will not let go of the past using it as an excuse for their behavior today, many non-whites cite the era of chattel slavery, and the war as an excuse for demanding special rights and privilages, more is the piy, it is past time for intelligent people to move on. The guns of the War of Northern Aggression are silenced, the plantation is but a dim memory, chattel slavery ended 150 years ago. History can be fun and an excitng thing to study, but to blame the past and those that lived it is not the purpose of history it exists so that we might learn from it.
The Ku Klux Klan remains relevent because it has moved on, it deals with the very real here and now, we honor the past by being relevent, meeting the challenges of this century and that is why we remain topical, needed and supported by patriotic Americans.
We are not trying to prove who was right concerning the War of Northern Aggression, the war is long over and is not the subject of this site. The Klan was born after the war, it dealt with the topical issues of that day and an agenda specifically drawn up to destroy the south and it's people with vengeful wrath. The Ku Klux Klan like the times has changed, yet is still as needed today as it was nearly 150 years ago.

Freedom of Speech
Even today when a Klansman speaks, he is exercising the Constitution, keeping strong and immutable the peoples right to speak and publish their ideas. Whether in the public streets or the halls of Congress as long as our voice can be heard, then every citizen may be heard. Silence the Klansman, and America will be silenced, this can only happen at the hands of despotic rulership. Today rights not exercised are often rights denied, our brave and noble politicians figure a right not used is a right un-needed. They see such as a withered arm that need not to be exercised back to strength, but a good candidate for amputation.
Friends we are betrayed by those we have trusted, those we send to our institutions of government who now see us as their servants.
When the populace is silenced by fear and political correctness, the Klan steps forward and demands to speak, what could be more relevant?

Cultural Awareness
Today, White Christian children, are taught to be ashamed of their culture. Our children are taught at public expense, theirs is a culture of slavery, bigotry and oppression; they are schooled to be ashamed because they are white! They are taught that because a few owned slaves, all must pay a never ending debt. They are taught that in order to make amends they must condemn the founders of our nation and hate their history, heritage and culture. They are brainwashed to believe the world would be better off without white culture or white people.
SAMIR SHABAZZ, The New Black Panther Party: " I hate white people — all of them. Every last iota of a cracker — I hate him. Because we're still in this condition.
We didn't come out here to play today. There's too much serious business going on in the black community to be out here sliding through South Street with white, dirty, cracker whore (expletive) on our arms.
You want freedom? You're going to have to kill some crackers. You're going to have to kill some of their babies. Let us get our act together."
The Ku Klux Klan is THE only organization dedicated to preserving white culture! We stand for family values, the American Constitution, our representative Republic, freedom of religion and western culture. We stand for the values of our nations forefathers. Who else will speak for Whites? What Preacher, Professor, Doctor or Attorney. What group or organization defends the rights of white people? What politician dares to be honest enough to speak up for you.
The black has the NAACP, the "Native Americans" AIM, the Hispanic, La Rasa; there are representative organizations for every culture, even people who are in this country illegally have institutions that work in their interest. White people are NOT allowed to be represented in any way to any degree or they are RACISTS! Simple dignity is not permissible for the White Christian, he must grovel in shame to be politically correct.
The ideals of the Ku Klux Klan have hardly ever been more relevant...

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